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Meeting notice

Notice on the Convening of the 1st International Workshop on Numerical Tank & Online Release of Chinese Numerical Tank

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Meeting notice
Meeting time: December 2017 5-6
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center
Harbin Engineering University (HEU)
China ship science research center (CSSRC)
China Academy of ship and ocean engineering design (MARIC)
Organizer: China ship and ocean engineering design and Research Institute
Conference brief:
China numerical tank line press conference: the meeting will release the ship wave added resistance of ship motion virtual test, virtual test, semi submersible platform motion virtual test system, and provide demonstration and experience for the user, let participants experience the revolutionary change of the situation feel numerical tank ship and marine engineering equipment design method.
The first International Conference on numerical water tanks: the conference will invite top experts in international numerical water pool to introduce the current status and future directions of international numerical pond technology for participants, so as to seek win-win cooperation.
The conference will invite famous scholars both at home and abroad
Odd.M.Faltinsen fellow, Norway Technical University
William.C.Webster fellow, University of California at Berkeley
Peter.K.Stansby fellow, University of Manchester
Academician Wu Yousheng, China ship science research center
Academician Deng Xiaogang, National University of Defense Technology
Academician Ceng Hengyi, China National Offshore Oil Corporation
Academician Li Jiachun, Institute of mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Academician Chen Shiyi, South University of science and technology
Brief introduction of China numerical pond project
Numerical pool is the theoretical model of hydrodynamics and numerical algorithm advanced, efficient computation software system, combined with advanced computer and Internet conditions in different marine environments of ship and ocean structure of logistics dynamic response in the process of high precision virtual experiment, after verification, research, and meet the ship the field of marine engineering design and Engineering application requirements.
In 2016, led by the Harbin Engineering University, and Chinese Ship Scientific Research Center, division of labor, and combined with Chinese marine design and Research Institute, Shanghai ship science research institute, Dalian University of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Ministry to carry out "innovation special numerical tank (a)" research project, planned for completion in 2019. To participate in the numerical pool innovation special (first phase) units, as well as China Classification Society, Peking University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University of Technology, Ocean University of China and so on. At the same time, also with the University of California at Berkeley, Houston Technip of the US company, Bureau Veritas, Central Institute of Technology, City University of London, UK France Nantes Japan Kyushu University and other units to carry out international cooperation.
Experimental contents of numerical pond:
Virtual experiment of ship speed
Propeller; cavitation; exciting force; virtual test
Seakeeping virtual test
Virtual test of ship maneuverability
Virtual experiment of marine environmental flow field
Virtual experiment of motion and load of offshore platform
Virtual test of vortex induced vibration and vortex induced motion
In the future, virtual experiments of real scale ship navigating in real marine environment and virtual experiment of full-scale marine platform in real marine environment can be carried out.
China International Maritime Exhibition
The conference will be held in 2017 with the China International Maritime exhibition. China International Maritime Exhibition is the largest and the second largest maritime exhibition in Asia. It is the bridge and link for the international maritime sector to seek all-round and multi-level cooperation. After more than 30 years of development, China International Maritime Exhibition has now been able to fully reflect the scale and importance of the Asian shipping market, and has become one of the world's most authoritative exhibition.
Conference invites:
Owner, shipyard and other software users
Classification Society
Ship designer
Field expert in hydrodynamics
Registration address: www.numericaltank.com
Contact person: Zhao Binbin 15045628379, Li Jianing 13946033531
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