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Research Projects

Vortex-induced Vibration / vortex-excited Motion Subsystem

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1. Sub-project£ºVortex-induced Vibration / vortex-excited Motion Subsystem

With the development of offshore oil and gas continuously pushed to deep water, for a variety of equipment and pipeline connection structure of subsea oil and gas development / floating structure has become more slender, in the ocean currents under the action of these pipeline structure facing the vortex induced vibration induced by vortex shedding around cylinder (VIV) leads to the destruction of structure fatigue. Similar to the vortex induced vibration problem, the large eddy motion of a large deepwater platform with a vertical column structure produces a vortex induced motion due to periodic vortex shedding. Vortex motion will affect the normal operation of offshore platforms, and aggravate the fatigue damage of chain cables and risers. Therefore, accurate prediction of vortex induced vibration / vortex induced motion is of great importance to ensure the reliability and safety of deep sea oil and gas development.
The method of empirical prediction model with high precision and high efficiency CFD model combining the software development platform of vortex induced vibration and vortex induced motion of the riser for research purposes, theoretical model analysis of vortex induced motion and the numerical calculation method of the development of vortex induced vibration; vortex induced vibration with the development needs of the fluid solid coupling software and VIM software based on the integrated marine environment conditions, boundary conditions, before and after the processing module of the standardized and intelligent module and technology, build a complete vortex induced vibration and vortex motion prediction software system.

The main research and development work is as follows:
Three software systems are developed: vortex induced vibration (VIV), rapid virtual test system, vortex induced vibration (VIV), fine virtual test system and vortex induced motion (VIM) virtual test system;
Comparison and verification of three sets of software systems: the test principle and test results of numerical model, using the existing literature typical physical tests and commercial software this paper set, to compare and validate the three sets of software system;
The evaluation of engineering application of three software systems: the application evaluation of three software systems is carried out through the application, demonstration and application feedback of industry.
On this basis, a complete numerical system of vortex induced vibration and vortex induced motion is developed, which provides an effective and reliable tool for the design and operation of deepwater risers and deepwater platforms. Among them:
VIV fast virtual test system can complete the marine pipeline VIV virtual test in a relatively short period of time, to obtain the marine pipeline natural frequency and vibration mode, dynamic response and deformation of pipeline virtual simulation test results, the vertical length diameter ratio (length / diameter) can reach more than 1000, the Reynolds number is more than 106;
Get different currents under different slenderness ratio of flexible riser, vortex flow characteristics change, dynamic response, modal characteristics of the virtual test results of VIV fine virtual test system, which can simulate the vertical length diameter ratio (length / diameter) can reach more than 1000, the Reynolds number is up to above 106;
The trajectory parameters, and vortex shedding characteristics of the virtual test response VIM virtual test system can be obtained in different depth of offshore platform under different draft reduced velocity motion can be calculated platform depth diameter ratio (depth / diameter) reached 10, the maximum Reynolds number is 107.

2. Introduction of the person in charge of the project

Wan Decheng, Ph. D. Supervisor
    Wan Decheng: the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor, Shanghai Oriental scholar Professor, doctoral tutor, Shanghai Pujiang talent fund winner, the Ministry of education program for New Century Excellent Talents selected. Vice president, School of marine, ocean and architectural engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
His main research interests include marine and Offshore Engineering Hydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the basic theory and application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the research and development of numerical oceanographic tank for ship and ocean engineering, and the research and development of offshore new energy installations. Has published more than 280 papers, in which SCI and EI included more than 110 articles, and developed the unsteady flow simulation software system of naoe-FOAM-SJTU and MLParticle-SJTU of ship and marine engineering, won more than 12 national software copyright. Chaired by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National 863 issues, the Ministry of innovation special issues, the Ministry of education, doctoral funds, and many other national research projects. In 2014 by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University TOP1% excellent teacher award bachelor thesis; in 2010, 2013, 2016 three was named the Shanghai Jiao Tong University outstanding teachers; in 2012 by the international offshore and Polar Engineering Society (ISOPE) best organization award; 2008 and 2011 two funded by the Shanghai City jade blue technology talent fund from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2010; excellent course award, in 2016. Courses in Universities in Shanghai city award. Now as the 5 international magazine "Ocean Engineering", "Journal of Ocean and Wind Energy", "Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering", "International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering", "Journal of Ocean Science and Technology" editorial board, and 6 domestic magazine "water dynamics research and development", "Marine Engineering", "Ship Mechanics", "the study on the ship Chinese," "Journal of" Quarterly Journal of mechanics, Hydrodynamics "," Journal of Marine Science and Applications "editorial board. International Offshore and Polar Engineering Society (ISOPE) Technical Committee, vice chairman of the Committee ISOPE hydrodynamic, international towing tank Conference (ITTC) Specialized Committee member steering committee member ship CFD International Conference, executive director of the Institute of global Chinese computing mechanics, mechanics, computational mechanics Chinese committee invited members, members of the International Advisory Committee of the Department of marine South Korea's KAIST University Institute of systems engineering, ship mechanics Chinese computational fluid dynamics study group deputy leader, Chinese Institute of military Oceanography marine Specialized Committee member, director of Shanghai mechanical institute.          
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