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Software System Integration and Related Standards


The Overall Design and Development of the Solver


Fast Subsystem of Ships


Propeller Cavitation Excitation Force Subsystem


Seepage Resistance Subsystem of ships


Ship Maneuverability Subsystem


Sub-system of Ocean Environment Flow Field


Offshore Platform Motion and Load Subsystem


Vortex-induced Vibration / vortex-excited Motion Subsystem


Subsystem of Model Test of Sump Model Benchmark Test for Ships


Ocean Engineering Series Model Hydrodynamic Performance Benchmark Test Model Test Research Subsystem R & D


R & D of Sub - system of Large Sample / Ship Experimental Data for Ship and Ocean Engineering


Research on Intelligent Computing and Internet Service Platform
Research Projects

Offshore Platform Motion and Load Subsystem

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1. Sub-project£ºOffshore Platform Motion and Load Subsystem

Wave, air gap and wave slamming tests on deck
Measurement of Slamming Loads on the upper waves
Determine the air gap height between the wave surface and the lower deck of the platform
Virtual test flow
1. pre-processing (modeling, meshing, etc.)
2. solving module
• wave module and wave elimination module
• Cartesian grid, N-S equation, basic solution module (transport equation, general discretization, velocity pressure decoupling)
• Cartesian mesh free surface tracking module
• Cartesian grid turbulence model (LES)
• Cartesian grid object, force and movement module (immersed boundary, 6DOF movement, force calculation)
• mooring system module (topic eight development)
Data output module
3. post processing module (data processing, visualization)

2. Introduction of the person in charge of the project

Doctor of engineering, associate professor. Main research interests: computational fluid dynamics method based on Cartesian mesh, coupled ship wave and ship wave analysis, and hydroelastic analysis of ship and offshore engineering structures.
Educational background:
2009/10-2012/09 Ph.D. in integrated science and engineering, Kyushu University;
2004/09-2007/03 master's degree in marine engineering, Harbin Engineering University;
2000/09-2004/07 bachelor's degree in marine engineering, Harbin Engineering University.
Work resume:
2015.9- has been an associate professor at Harbin Engineering University;
2015.4-2015.8 lecturer at Harbin Engineering University;
2012.10-2015.3 postdoctoral fellow, Institute of applied mechanics, Kyushu University, japan;
2009.4-2009.9 lecturer at Harbin Engineering University;
2007.4-2009.4 Harbin Engineering University assistant;  
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