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Software System Integration and Related Standards


The Overall Design and Development of the Solver


Fast Subsystem of Ships


Propeller Cavitation Excitation Force Subsystem


Seepage Resistance Subsystem of ships


Ship Maneuverability Subsystem


Sub-system of Ocean Environment Flow Field


Offshore Platform Motion and Load Subsystem


Vortex-induced Vibration / vortex-excited Motion Subsystem


Subsystem of Model Test of Sump Model Benchmark Test for Ships


Ocean Engineering Series Model Hydrodynamic Performance Benchmark Test Model Test Research Subsystem R & D


R & D of Sub - system of Large Sample / Ship Experimental Data for Ship and Ocean Engineering


Research on Intelligent Computing and Internet Service Platform
Research Projects

Ocean Environment Flow Field Subsystem

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1. Sub-project£ºOcean Environment Flow Field Subsystem

    The Mesoscale Wave Model: this model uses the non hydrostatic surface flow model of ocean wave propagation was simulated. The non hydrostatic surface flow model is composed of a horizontal plane of the single valued function to track surface motion, so this model can effectively simulate the wave motion.


Simulation of long crested random waves

A model of short random waves

The simulation of 3 dimensional focusing wave

2. Introduction of the person in charge of the project

    Dong Guohai: (1965-), PhD, Professor of Dalian University of Technology, construction engineering department, director of the State Key Laboratory of coastal and offshore engineering, the State Council discipline appraisal group members, the fund committee member of the discipline appraisal group. In 1992, he received his doctorate in coastal engineering from Dalian University of Technology. Won the national talents project national candidates, national outstanding contributions of young experts, national excellent doctoral thesis advisor, Chinese Institute of water conservancy outstanding youth education for new century excellent talents, hundred talents project of Liaoning Province, Liaoning province level Youth Science and technology award, won the title of Liaoning Provincial Oceanic and fishery advanced individuals, Dalian city outstanding experts etc.. Over the years has been engaged in the marine dynamic environment simulation research work and its interaction with structures, breakthrough in the extreme wave generation mechanism, and the role of marine low frequency waves with floating structures on. Has presided over the National Natural Science Foundation, key fund, national 973 and other major issues, such as more than 30 projects. Published more than 200 academic papers, SCI included more than 100 articles, won a number of provincial and ministerial awards.                              
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