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Software System Integration and Related Standards


The Overall Design and Development of the Solver


Fast Subsystem of Ships


Propeller Cavitation Excitation Force Subsystem


Seepage Resistance Subsystem of ships


Ship Maneuverability Subsystem


Sub-system of Ocean Environment Flow Field


Offshore Platform Motion and Load Subsystem


Vortex-induced Vibration / vortex-excited Motion Subsystem


Subsystem of Model Test of Sump Model Benchmark Test for Ships


Ocean Engineering Series Model Hydrodynamic Performance Benchmark Test Model Test Research Subsystem R & D


R & D of Sub - system of Large Sample / Ship Experimental Data for Ship and Ocean Engineering


Research on Intelligent Computing and Internet Service Platform
Research Projects

Research on Intelligent Computing and Internet Service Platform

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1. Sub-project:Research on Intelligent Computing and Internet Service Platform

In response with the needs of high-performing parallel computation and Internet remote service, combining the development of relevant technologies in China and abroad, this sub-project aims to carry out research on the Numerical Tank in terms of high-performing parallel computation and management system of remote service. With the hope of making breakthroughs in the expansibility of high-performing computation and in key technologies of remote computation service, the project is expected to build up a high-performing computing environment and a remote service platform for the Numerical Tank so as to better provide technical standards and technical support, thus fulfilling the Internet-based computing service for the Numerical Tank.

2. Introduction of the person in charge of the project

Han Qilong, Ph. D., Professor, Ph. D. Supervisor
    HAN Qilong, Doctor of Engineering, worked as a Professor and Supervisor of a Ph.D students who is the Vice Dean of College of Computer Science and Technology of HEU, senior member of CCF , committee of CCF YOCSE Harbin AC, Chairman of CCF YOCSE Harbin(2015-2016), committee of Youth Working Committee,committee of Social media processing Chinese Information Processing Society of China and Expert of Cloud computing demonstration project of Harbin. He also worked as the referee of journals like 《International Journal of Modern Physics C》,《the Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences》,《Journal of System Architecture》,《Chinese Journal of Computers》,《Journal of Software》 and 《Journal of Computer Research and Development》and Reviewer of The National Natural Science Fund, Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang province and small and medium enterprises innovation fund. Dr. Han’s research direction is High performance computing, Data security and Privacy protection and etc. In the year of 2013 and 2014, he visited to UC Berkeley and HK Baptist University to learn separately. Besides, Dr. Han assumed the 3 items of the National Natural Science Fund, 1 item of High-end Generic Chips and Basic Software, 1 item of Provincial Natural Science Fund, 1 item of Provincial Post-Doctoral Fund, 1 item of Top design of E-government in Harbin, 2 items of Basic Research Fund of Ministry of Education and more than 20 items of other projects. What is more, he published over 60 academic papers in both domestic and international journals and conferences, wrote and published 2 writings and 1 textbook.
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